Farm Business Services is your local Gold Country seed dealer.  We also specialize in precision farming technology, which has recently been brought to the forefront in the farming community.  Welcome to our website, we'd be happy to provide you with a free consultation! 
Fertilizer and seed inputs are instrumental components to your farm operation.  Choosing the right seed type for each individual field is a very important component to a successful harvest.  We take pride in the personalization we offer helping customers choose  the best variety for individual fields.   
More often than not, less fertilizer and/or seed could be applied to certain areas of a field.   FBS has the ability to define these areas, produce a map and prescription identifying them and assist you in determining your best method of application. 
Many companies only offer, and also claim, grid sampling (core-sampling) is the best method for obtaining this data.  However, there is an advanced alternative to this method.  It is less labor intensive and more cost effective.  Remote sensing data acquired and analyzed by our consultants provides detailed mapping utilizing advanced GIS (Geographic Information Science) techniques.  We in turn study the information, write a prescription for your field and show you how to reduce input costs.  Reduced seed/fertilizer costs often pay for this service the first year!  
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